Eligibility for Reporting and Protection:

If you’re an employee, volunteer, trainee, shareholder actively involved, someone working under our management, or a member of our administrative, management, or supervisory teams, you’re eligible to report under the Whistleblower Act and receive its protections.
Even if you’re a contractor, subcontractor, supplier, or business partner and become aware of any malpractices within our organization, you’re encouraged to report. Your current or past work relationship with us doesn’t hinder your ability to report any malpractices or receive protection for making such reports externally.

Types of Incidents You Can Report:

We encourage you to come forward if you suspect any misconduct, breach of law or regulations, or activities contradicting our company’s code of conduct or policies. Such concerns should be reported as a whistleblowing case.

Procedure for Reporting:

When you submit a report, we assure you of confidentiality. Any irrelevant personal data will be removed. The case will be retained only as long as is necessary for addressing the issue.