Hydrogen is the
only pathway to
Powering the maritime industry's transition to renewable energy​ Solutions Contact
Powering the maritime
industry's transition
to renewable energy
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We are designing tomorrows
technologies today
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Our Mission
Reduces Emission
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We are developing the technology to reduce shipping's emissions

TECO 2030 tackles one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time: How to reduce emissions from growing global shipping volumes. The shipping industry can move towards zero emissions by implementing new technologies, with hydrogen-based fuel cells as the ultimate solution.


We add value through research & development

TECO 2030 is developing and manufacturing green technology to reduce the marine environmental footprint. Through our unique partnership with world-class powertrain engineering company AVL, we are designing tomorrow’s technologies today.

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TECO Marine Fuel Cells

TECO Marine Fuel Cell is a modular hydrogen Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell system specifically designed for heavy-duty marine applications offering emission free propulsion by using hydrogen as fuel.

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TECO Future Funnel

TECO Future Funnel is designed to comply with existing Sulphur Oxides (SOx) emission regulations and ready to adapt for future regulations such as Particulate Matter (PM), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Black Carbon (BC) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). TECO Future Funnel is suited for all types of vessels both retrofit and newbuild. TECO 2030 can offer single, multi inlet inline, as well as bypass exhaust cleaning system as per customer needs.

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TECO Ballast Water Treatment System

TECO Ballast Water Treatment System is designed to prevent invasive species and possible health issues, ships ballast water needs to be treated before being discharged back to sea.

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TECO – AVL EPOS™ provides condition monitoring and automatic diagnosis using expert algorithms for large-bore combustion engines and their auxiliaries.

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