Corporate governance

TECO 2030 is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance that will strengthen confidence in the company among shareholders, capital market and among other stakeholders, thereby contributing to the greatest possible value creation over time. The aim of corporate governance is to regulate the roles of shareholders, board and management beyond what is required by legislation.

The company reports in accordance with the recommendation of October 17th 2018 issued by the Norwegian Corporate Governance (NUES). The rules on the continuing obligations of listed companies at and guidelines are available on

Compliance is based on a “comply or explain” principle, which means that the company must comply with all recommendations or explain why they have chosen an alternative porch to specific recommendations. The following explains the company’s compliance with the 15 sections and addresses the additional requirements set out in the Accounting Act §3-3b. Any deviation from the Code of Conduct will be explained under the appropriate section. This report is part of the company’s annual report. The report is also available on TECO 2030’s website, along with more information about the company’s business.