TECO Fuel Cell Power Generator (FCPG)

True zero-emission energy source

The TECO Fuel Cell Power Generator (FCPG) is a containerized electrical power generator unit. The TECO FCPG is equipped with multiple FCM400, depending on the model, to generate electrical power when hydrogen is provided as input.


The key feature of this design is to realize a zero-emission power generator that can work as a standalone power source or can be installed as a part of an electrical distribution system, or micro-grid.


The FCPG is being developed by TECO 2030, in two main configurations, based on the most utilized sizes of shipping containers: 20ft and 40ft. Multiple systems can be placed in parallel to increase the total zero-emission power output.


The FCPG can be used in mobility, stationary or portable applications.

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Works as a standalone power source or as a part of an electrical distribution system.
Can be used in mobility, stationary or portable applications.
Easy transportation, designed based on the standardized 20ft and 40ft containers.
Minimal installation work, can be performed by a small team of qualified workers.

Why TECO PEM Fuel Cell

  • Solves the trade-off challenge between power density and durability.
  • Multiple stack designs secures reliable and redundant performance.
  • Strict safety protocols based on experience from automotive industry and classification society.
  • Compact system size (less than 2/3 of a comparable diesel genset), which simplifies retrofitting.
  • Modular system design gives new flexibility to newbuild vessels.
  • Provides true zero emission energy to the vessel.
  • Advanced fuel conditioning system, enabling operations on compressed and liquid H2, ammonia, methanol and other H2 based carriers.
  • Attractive cost-of-ownership performance.

Strategic technology partner AVL

Our collaboration with AVL enables us to provide hydrogen fuel cell solutions to the maritime industry. AVL is a forerunner in hydrogen application development:
  • Over 20 years of research and development experience in the field of Fuel Cell.
  • More than 150 patents in the field of fuel cells.
  • Advanced simulation technologies and industry leading facilities for fuel cell testing.