– As the CEO of TECO 2030, I believe responsibility and sustainability should be integrated in our business model and when making strategic decisions.

For us, sustainability and efficient use of marine technology are at the heart of everything we do, and will contribute to making TECO 2030 a profitable company. We will also be open and transparent about the potential risks and negative aspects of our business operations and take the necessary steps to reduce such risks and impacts.

There is a growing demand for green marine technology in the industry and providing sustainable high-quality products to the market is the main goal for TECO 2030. Through innovative production technology and development, we preserve the quality of products that impact your vessel’s environmental impact.

Sustainability and protection of the environment is a key value for TECO 2030, and the foundation for comprehensive results. This influences not only how we do business, but also what business we do. ESG will be a key focus in all our business segments. In addition, we will continue to increase our efforts towards health, safety, security and environment for a better global world.

We look forward to sharing our goals and progress in our annual sustainability reports, and hope that this report will provide our stakeholders with the information they need about how TECO 2030 works to deliver high quality products based on green marine technology, steel material, processed and distributed in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Tore Enger
CEO of TECO 2030