Future Funnel

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has implemented a regulation for marine vessels to reduce sulphur emissions to 0.5% (0.1% in Emission Control Areas) sulphur equivalent from January 1st 2020. One can achieve compliance by installing an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System, or use compliant low sulphur fuel. TECO Future Funnel is designed to comply with existing Sulphur Oxides (SOx) emission regulations and ready to adapt for future regulations such as Particulate Matter (PM), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Black Carbon (BC). TECO Future Funnel is suited for all types of vessels, both retrofit and newbuild. TECO 2030 can offer single or multi inlet inline, as well as bypass exhaust cleaning system as per customer needs.

One stop turnkey approach.
Optimized design with 20 years of operational simulation.
Modular system design for all ranges of engines.
Cost-effective material selection.

TECO Future Funnel development steps

Sulphur Oxide (SOx)



Complies with both 0.1% and 0.5% Sulphur regulations (IMO 2020).

Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)



Complies with TIER III NOx legislation.

Particulate Matter (PM) & Black Carbon (BC)



Remove Particulate Matter and Black Carbon for expected rules in 2023.

Why TECO Future Funnel

  • Complies with both 0.1% and 0.5% Sulphur emission regulations.
  • High quality, simple design and produced to the highest standards in Europe.
  • High SOx removal efficiency up to 99.9%.
  • Able to run both dry and wet.
  • Low maintenance and easy operation.
  • Optimized design with advanced simulation.
  • Adaptable for future emission legislations.
  • Open-loop, hybrid, and hybrid ready systems.
  • Adaptable design to all ships, and all engine types with minimal modification impact.
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Full turnkey solution; 3D scanning, engineering and prefabrication, installation, and commissioning through TECO affiliates.
  • Possibility to be installed during voyages, only quick dock is needed for sea-chest and overboard installation, results in reduced down-time.

Strategic technology partner AVL

Our collaboration with AVL enables us to provide TECO Future Funnel to the maritime industry. AVL is a leading expert in combustion engines and exhaust gas, which enables us to:
  • Efficient development of exhaust aftertreatment solutions.
  • Develop tomorrows technologies today.
  • Deliver quality technology solutions for current and future legislations.