Why invest in TECO 2030?

A solid ESG-profile, and patented processes coupled with world class engine manufacturer AVL, with diversified R&D portfolio including green marine technology.

Strategic development partnership with leading engine manufacturer AVL List GmbH

  • Through our partnership with AVL, we are designing tomorrows technologies today.
  • AVL provides industry-leading technologies and services based on highest-quality and innovation to serve our clients needs.

Tailor-made environmental solutions with leading industry providers

  • Our mission is to help clients reduce environmental footprints in their fleets.
  • TECO 2030 is committed to saving the planet.
  • Through strategic partnerships and network TECO 2030 can provide turn-key installations.

Established network and connections in the marine industry

  • TECO 2030 carries a name operating in the marine industry for 26 years.
  • Management know-how and connections enables short distance to marine decision-makers, clients, partners and sub-suppliers in several market segments.

Solid ESG-profile with sustainability in focus

  • Through our portfolio of products TECO 2030 secures that the production, installation and operation don’t harm the environment.
  • TECO 2030 are reporting ESG based on international GRI standards to follow Oslo Stock Exchange’s methodology on reporting.

TECO and AVL to develop state of the art PEM Fuel Cell Stack

  • TECO 2030 along with AVL has agreed to develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack ready for industry use in 2023.


  • Through our portfolio of products TECO 2030 secures that the production, installation and

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