• Prevent engine damages and stand stills.
  • Reduce maintenance and service costs.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption up to 3 %.
  • Dedicated to large-bore engines of all types (2 and 4 stroke – Diesel, HFO, gas and dual-fuel).

TECO – AVL EPOS™ provides condition monitoring and automatic diagnosis using expert algorithms for large-bore combustion engines and their auxiliaries. There are no influences on the engine control. TECO – AVL EPOS™ can act online on-board e.g. a vessel as well as offline in the fleet management’s office.


  • Direct root cause information including detailed handling description of detected issue.
  • Easy-to-handle GUI – similar on board and ashore.
  • Engine status via a simple Traffic Light style and KPI indicators.
  • Data stock as basis for condition-based maintenance.
  • Integrated trend evaluation and prediction.
  • Complete system from one source – durable hardware + software.
  • Permanent evaluation of engine behavior with regard to reliability, performance and emissions (optional).

TECO – AVL EPOS™ NOx Module:

TECO – AVL EPOS™ NOx Module is the world’s first model based expert system for emission monitoring (currently covering NOx, while SOx  and CO2 is under development). TECO – AVL EPOS™ NOx Module can be integrated as part of TECO – AVL EPOS™ or installed as a standalone system. TECO – AVL EPOS™ NOx Module is built on AVL’s widely utilized and long proven combustion analysis software.

It consists of a two zone thermodynamical model that derives the combustion related properties, such as temperature gradient and heat release, from the measured cylinder pressure curve. These cylinder individual values, together with the corresponding fuel and engine data, are the input to a reaction-kinetic algorithm, which computes the NOx formation and provides the accumulated emission results.

TECO – AVL EPOS™ Portable System:

Designed as a flexible diagnostic platform for single combustion engine installation, TECO – AVL EPOS™ Portable has complementary solution to online engine monitoring systems. Furthermore, it also supports the condition monitoring of complete fleets.

Our strategic partnership with AVL:

AVL is the world’s leading development company of high powertrain systems and heavy-duty industry applications. AVL has the leading technology for engine simulation and testing instruments, which is necessary to develop cutting-edge technologies. TECO 2030 has a strategic cooperation with AVL in order to provide shipowners with prominent environmental technologies for optimized operations with a combined fuel and environmental impact saving of up to 3%.