TECO Ballast Water Treatment Equipment

Ballasts are reservoirs used to stabilize ships according to their load. In order to prevent invasive species and possible health issues, a ship’s ballast water needs to be treated before being discharged back to sea. TECO Ballast Water Treatment Systems, is a water treatment system designed for inactivation and elimination of organisms in the ballast water, complying with the IMO D2 standard and USCG regulations for discharge of such water by vessels during their ballasting operations. Our systems also complies with the new G8 rules which were put in force in October 2020. TECO Ballast Water Treatment Systems complies with IMO and USCG.



Why TECO Ballast Water Treatment System:

  • Well-proven technology
  • Various treatment technologies available
  • High-dose UV
  • Tested with low UV intensity and high water turbidity
  • No impact due to temperature or water salinity
  • Modularity: flexible and adaptable to any flow rate
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • Automatic operation, easy-to-use interface
  • Automatic regulation of power consumption according to water quality
  • Safe: no explosive gases, no induced corrosion, no chemical substances
  • Effective and competitive solutionTurnkey solution, 3D scanning, installation, commissioning and service

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TECO Ballast Water Treatment System

– Small Flow Rate
TECO Ballast Water Treatment System

The BIO-SEA Small Flow Rate range is specifically designed for smaller type of vessels like offshore, MPV`s, tugs, fishing and yachts. Compact and effective, it can treat small flow rates with minimal space requirements. It is also customisable (paint in particular) to adapt to the sophistication of a yacht for example.

The Technology:

The BIO-SEA Small Flow Rate range combines mechanical filtration and ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection in one completely automated unit. It can manage flow rates from 15 to 90 m3/h of fresh water, sea water, or brackish water. It can also treat turbid water since the system was tested and certified to operate at maximum flow in water where UV transmittance is very poor. BIO-SEA systems can be skid-mounted for new vessels or modular for existing vessels with very little available space.

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Why TECO Ballast Water Treatment System:

  • High UV dose
  • Tested in low UV water transmittance conditions with best results
  • Safe: chemical free, zero by-product, zero active substances
  • Not impacted by water temperature, neither by salinity
  • Most compact system: L1600 x W850 x H1816 mm, no additional cabinet needed
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Automatic operation, easy-to-use interface
  • First Class marine components from reliable European suppliers
  • Cost efficient solution, low OPEX
  • Available in flexible and scalable skid design, semi-modular and loose components versions to fit in all ships environment
  • Turnkey solution, 3D scanning, installation, commissioning and service

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