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Powering the maritime industry's transition to renewable energy

TECO 2030 ASA is developing tomorrow's technology today to reduce the marine shipping's environmental impact.

TECO 2030 ASA is an innovative engineering and equipment development company with focus on a greener and cleaner environment. Our core objective is to identify and develop high quality, cutting edge and cost-effective solutions to significantly reduce ecological impact of maritime pollution. TECO 2030 is striving in a fast-paced environment to help clients operate within the maritime rules and regulations at present, and to meet new standards in the future. We are aiming to become a leading provider for Green Maritime Technology, through developing and delivering solutions for a cleaner global environment.

Our value is Research & Development

TECO 2030 is developing and manufacturing green marine technology to reduce the marine environmental footprint. Through our partnership with AVL, we are designing tomorrows technologies today.

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TECO Marine Fuel Cells

TECO Marine Fuel Cell is a modular hydrogen Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell system specifically designed for heavy-duty marine applications offering emission free propulsion by using hydrogen as fuel.

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TECO Future Funnel

TECO Future Funnel is designed to not need dry-dock, installation will take place during ships normal operation while the tower is installed at anchorage or alongside. TECO has extended experience from being involved in over 100 scrubber installations, experiences, and lessons learned.

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TECO Ballast Water Treatment System powered by BIO-SEA is designed to prevent invasive species and possible health issues, ships ballast water needs to be treated before being discharged back to sea. BIO-SEA has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing ballast water systems worldwide since 2011.

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